Welcome to Rx Companion. Join us in this journey. Your health is our concern. This is ablout you and your health concern. All information is curated and from credible peer reviewed sources. See here for what is possible, as an example. Speak to your doctor or medical scheme about your personal health record - PHR.

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To keep track of all this information, it's a good idea to keep your own personal health record. What kind of information would you put in a personal health record? You could start with:

  • Your name, birth date, blood type, and emergency contact information
  • Date of last physical
  • Dates and results of tests and screenings
  • Major illnesses and surgeries, with dates
  • A list of your medicines and supplements, the dosages, and how long you've taken them
  • Any allergies
  • Any chronic diseases
  • Any history of illnesses in your family

The reasons for a good patient record are SOAP - How to Write Clinical Patient Notes: The Basics and Clinical History Example - Using the Four Frames Approach and Influenza (Flu) - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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